They say I’m nuts..

Well, I’ve never thought I would do it, but sometimes my impulsive actions takes over.

I’ve painted my -before- white fridge … Yellow! I all started out with the fact that my apartment is too white, so I thought “well, maybe I should paint something..” and decided to paint my two shelfs pink. So I went to the colour store to buy some pink spraypaint which they didn’t had. So I brought some yellow and some black instead.

When I came home and looked at the shelfs I decided that yellow wasn’t the right colour.
Then what should I paint then? I was in the painting-mood damnit! 😀
So I looked around and right there, in the middle of everything my fridge stood and looked ugly.
An hour later, it wasn’s so ugly anymore, hehe.

I have plans to put a sort of neon-pink grapich print on it later.

After all the fridge-painting I wanted to try use the stencils made, so now people can spot a Hepburn on my door and on my bag.



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