Balenciaga scarves

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I must say I’m crazy about these scarves from Balenciagas collection for autumn/winter 2007. I am absolutly a scarve-lover and the happy owner of a tonse of scarves, hehe. I’m allmost sure that the scarves will rock the autumn and winter, if not in reality, then they will rock in my world 😛
I’m going to look after a vintage scarf and some small charms in some secondhand stores, and then buy some solid goldthread, wire or maybe chain, I dont know yet before i’ve seen the scarf hehe. And then put the charms and thread together so they’re hanging like on the picture.

balenc_scarf3.jpg balenc_scarf4.jpg

balenc_scarf2.jpg balenc_scarf1.jpg

When I’m done, I promise to post a picture of the finish result and maybe a toturial, if someone would like some instructions.

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5 kommentarer on “Balenciaga scarves”

  1. Nina siger:

    Oh yes, please do! I’d love to see the final result and a tutorial. I’m absolutely in love with this entire collection, especially the scarves. A little too expensive though.

  2. linda siger:

    do u have a tutorial for the scarves ?
    would love to make my own
    thank you

  3. maria siger:

    please make a tutorial!
    and do you maybe know where can i buy original scarf (on internet)

  4. […] you remember the autumn/winter 2007 collection with the nice scarves? Well I did promise you a tutorial, and here is a little […]

  5. laurentiu siger:

    i make some scarves identical to the original balenciaga, and i sale it very quickly. Tell me if you want some more

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