Miff will not be Miff anymore

The cool little bunny Miff with a passion for fashion are getting a name change.
I have just discovered this site in the blogsphere and I just love the cute little thing. If you have an idea for a new name to Miff, you should take a visit on her site: http://miff-fashion.blogspot.com




3 kommentarer on “Miff will not be Miff anymore”

  1. Lana siger:

    Miff with the sunglasses looks really fashionable!

  2. Danwei siger:

    Oh wow! Thank you so much for this amazing tips! It’s such a cool website 🙂

  3. rundtom siger:

    Lana: Hehe yeah it really does, it’s my favorite! 😀

    Danwei: You are so welcome, I’m really glad you like the site!

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