Cristóbal Balenciaga

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I love “the old days”. The fashion, the hair, the movies, everything but the female role in the man domestic world. Although I’m felled in love with the Spanish designer Cristóbal Balenciagas designs from the 1950. He have made the most fabulous Couture. I’d googled Cristóbal Balenciaga, and found some fabulous pictures from different sites, and made a little illustration with the ones I like the most.


Today is Cristóbal Balenciaga unfortunately dead, it would be amazing to see what he would have designed today. The spirit of Balenciaga lives in the new French designer Nicolas Ghesquiére, who is an absolutely wonderful designer too.


3 kommentarer on “Cristóbal Balenciaga”

  1. iheartcouture siger:

    Me too. I love the class and sophistication of the “old days” where a lady was a lady… and, I agree that Nicolas Ghesquiere is doing a fantastic job keeping the spirit of Balenciaga alive…the silhouettes of Balenciaga garments are amazingly beautiful.

  2. rundtom siger:

    Then you should allmost see the film “Mistrals Daughter” its an amazing film about fashion, love and art from the 1920 – 1970-80, I saw it last week, and its absolutely great!

    Yes they really are beautiful, I’ll post more from Balenciaga this week 😛

  3. Yawa U siger:

    I am interesting the simple look but more details hidden. Balenciaga is the one who is guru of this style. Is it possible to have more information with his style, I would like to research, anyone have more information, please kindly share…


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