Cristóbal Balenciaga

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I love “the old days”. The fashion, the hair, the movies, everything but the female role in the man domestic world. Although I’m felled in love with the Spanish designer Cristóbal Balenciagas designs from the 1950. He have made the most fabulous Couture. I’d googled Cristóbal Balenciaga, and found some fabulous pictures from different sites, and made a little illustration with the ones I like the most.


Today is Cristóbal Balenciaga unfortunately dead, it would be amazing to see what he would have designed today. The spirit of Balenciaga lives in the new French designer Nicolas Ghesquiére, who is an absolutely wonderful designer too.


Lisbon vs. Liverpool



Miff will not be Miff anymore

The cool little bunny Miff with a passion for fashion are getting a name change.
I have just discovered this site in the blogsphere and I just love the cute little thing. If you have an idea for a new name to Miff, you should take a visit on her site:




“A collaborative response to the architecture of a space, creating visually stimulating environments.
The result being a personal, eclectic and functional reaction to its structure and the objects that inform it. Blurring the lines between applied and fine art.
We wholly transform environments through our shared skills and passion for mixed media textiles which combine the versatile elements of colour, texture, 3D and composition.


I absolutly love their work with textiles and furnitures. Thay have made an exhibition where they really undestand how to use the space in the room. I really want that lamp, its gorgeous!


Check out their portfolio on

Canada vs. Ukraine

Tjeck out these two funky guys from two parts of the world. It’s a funny idéa the Canadian guy have got, by putting a watch around his neck.



Two new pages

I have made two new pages on rundtom; About and Links, so check them out.

Jennifer Chan

“The domestic space embodies a multifarious range of activities, rhythms and tasks – most of which are performed through repetitious sequences and habit to which we may not be aware. I am interested in exploring the context in which objects exist. Once a context is established, objects can easily adapt to our everyday lives – they can function on a subconscious level as we become accustomed to them.”


She really have the greatest ideas to new functional design products.
I love the idea of the vase, it’s funny and pretty at the same time.
Very creative!


Check out her site: Jennifer Chan