Playing with posca and old pictures

I made this to one of my best friends for christmas.


As some of you might know, I love old books. Here are some of the reasons why..


Onika knows how to dress funky

As some of you might know do Funky people have it’s own group on where flickr users can post funky pictures of themselves and their friends. And you can join to! Just go to, make your own profile and start to join groups and post your pictures.

Onika joined Funky people a while ago and she defiantly know how to dress funky, just look at these colours and patterns she have chosen!


Onika lives in Brooklyn, New York and as many other she love shopping. I asked her a little about her shopping habits and about her latest buy.

What catches your eye when you are out shopping?
– I tend to shop by color firstly. I have a limited range of colors that I buy each season, so i look out for them. Bright patterns are also really attractive to me and horizontal stripes are my absolute favorite.

What do you prefer to buy, vintage, design or etc.?
– I generally thrift most of my designer stuff and am always looking for a bargain. That said, if I see something that suits me 100% or something I’ve been looking for, every now and again I close my eyes and buy it without looking at the price tag(!)

What was your latest buy?
– Yesterday I bought two dresses from a store in manhattan called Zachary’s Smile. They specialize in taking vintage pieces and renovating them with hand-made touches. They were having a massive sale (and everything there is my style), so I don’t feel bad about spending, but I rarely buy two dresses at the same time.

Visit Onikas pictures on and her website

Patricia Field loves Carrie

View my new site!!

And so do I..


I must say that Patricia Field is amazing to style charecters in movies. I love the outfits the characters Carrie and Samantha wore in the tv serial. Patricia Field has also styled the characters in the movie “The devil wears prada”, and I must say that she did a great job.


Right now Patricia Field is in a rush designing her own collection to, so if you aren’t a rich girl like me you can go to in August 2007 and buy some great designs to almost no money.

Visit her on myspace and take a look on her Shop (the clothes are gorgeous!!!)

Pictures of Carrie are friendly borrowed from HBO

Jay McCarroll

I saw the designer Jay McCarroll in tv a couple of times in project runway and I love him! His personality is great, and his designs are fantastic, timeless and so colourful. Damn, if I were some kind of celeb, I would definatly love to were his designs on the red carpet.
View his website here
And what I think is his latest collection here


…. If I was a rich girl na na na na ….

More funky shoes

On Manchesterlooks and Manilastyle I saw more shoes. I think I want to buy a couple of yellow shoes next time 😛


Do you like to wear colourful shoes?

Funky shoes!

As many other women on this earth I looove shoes, hehe. I two girls who really knows how to pick shoes.